Discipline Policy


The entire staff of RAYONPRIS SUCCESS ACADEMY shares the goal of establishing an atmosphere throughout the school in which children will feel secure, happy, and have a maximum opportunity to learn. In an effort to accomplish this goal, we have developed a Schoolwide Discipline Plan. The plan specifies rules that cover the behaviors we expect from our pupils and the consequences for pupils who break the rules.

Each teacher has a plan for classroom behavior. There are also schoolwide rules for all pupils during the time that they are on the playground, and in assemblies. Classroom teachers will send home their individual classroom plans.

We are confident that such clearly stated and thorough schoolwide and classroom discipline plans will teach our children to be responsible for their actions and make the school year a positive and motivating experience.

We believe that discipline is learned and, therefore, can and should be taught in the home, school, and community. Children learn through experience and imitation of those around them. Discipline is a developmental process. As a child grows, he/she should be given increased responsibility and opportunity to practice self-discipline.

The school must develop a certain set of rules and regulations to govern its participants and to facilitate the performance of its pupils. These rules reflect an emphasis on respect and cooperation between all segments of the school community and a positive learning environment.

RAYONPRIS SUCCESS ACADEMY discipline policy focuses on emphasizing appropriate behavior and changing inappropriate behavior. Fair, firm and consistent application of the policy is expected. Pupils are made aware of the consequences of inappropriate behaviors through a variety of school and classroom activities. School staff members are aware that various environmental factors, such as physical discomfort, a poor self-image, learning problems, or stresses unrelated to school can have a profound impact on pupil’s behavior. In those situations, the most appropriate response to a pupil’s misbehavior is to work to correct these factors. In other situations, the pupil and his/ her behavior must be dealt with directly.

Effective learning requires good discipline. Good discipline promotes achievement. The ultimate goal is internalization of expectations so that little external control is required in order to help foster the development of happy, self-reliant personalities capable of behaving appropriately.

Rights and Responsibilities

Pupils: pupils have the right to study in an environment conducive to learning. They are expected to do the following:

  1. Attend school and classes regularly, to arrive on time, and to fulfil to the best of their abilities their daily required tasks.
  2. Understand and observe the rules of the school.

Parents: parents have the right to expect that the school will address the learning needs of their children. Parents are expected to do the following:

  1. Send their children to school regularly, on time, and prepared to work.
  2. Respond to communications from the school pertaining to their children.
  3. Understand and support the fair, consistent administration of school rules and policies.

Teachers: teachers have the right to work in an atmosphere of respect with the support guidance of the administration in maintaining high professional standards. Teachers are expected to do the following:

  1. Work with pupils so they understand the objectives and what they are expected to learn. Encourage and help the pupils understand and support the rules of the school.
  2. Know and enforce consistency and fairly the rules and policies of the school.
  3. Maintain communication between home and school.

Principal: the principal, with the cooperation of staff, pupils and parents will work to achieve the objectives of RAYONPRIS SUCCESS ACADEMY. The principal is expected to do the following:

  1. Make known and interpret to the pupils, parent and staff the RSA discipline policy.
  2. Implement specific plans for effective pupil, parent and staff participation in the formulation and review of the RSA discipline policy.
  3. Guide and support all building personnel in maintaining appropriate and effective discipline.
  4. Confer with staff, pupils and parents on discipline matters.


RAYONPRIS SUCCESS ACADEMY School Ethics and Values are founded on 4 cardinal principles:

  1. Fear of God: Every child that passes through this school must have the fear of God through constant teaching of the word of God and Bible recitations.
  2. Respect for life: this is an obligation to live well and to respect the rights of others; to achieve these fundamental human rights are taught.
  3. Wholesome learning. Zeal to learn everything you are taught and all that you need to know for success in future.
  4. Initiative, imagination and creativity. You must do things to make the world a better place.


  1. Every child is expected to be punctual and neatly dressed.
  2. Completing of set task/ home work is a must for every child in the school.
  3. Respect for authority, Teachers and rights of others is a must for every child.
  4. The child must handle his/ her property including that of the school with care.
  5. Writing on the walls and littering of the school compound is prohibited.
  6. Honesty at work, play and home is highly emphasized.
  7. No child leaves the class without good reasons.
  8. Noise making in and outside the classroom is prohibited.
  9. Fighting and the use of abusive words are prohibited.


The school authority may suspend any child guilty of behavior contrary to the smooth running of the school for a given period. Cases of gross misbehavior may lead to expulsion.


First aid available for treatment before affected pupils is taken to the hospital. Parents may be contacted where necessary.

Assembly Routine

  1. Assembly starts with songs by 7:40 am
  2. National anthem, national pledge. School anthem
  3. Theme of the week mental drill, news, current affairs, spelling and other educative activities.
  4. Inspection of pupils
  5. Pupils match to their classes with marching songs on a single file

Assembly Rules

Follow directions the first time they are given.

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Eyes on the speaker, ears tuned in, and mouths closed,

Show appreciation by applauding.


1st time Verbal warning by staff member

2nd time Pupil is moved to a different location

3rd time Pupil is removed from assembly and referred to the office- parents notified.

Playground Rules

Follow directions the first time they are given.

Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.

Use all equipment according to the rules in a safe manner.


1st time Verbal warning

2nd time ten minutes’ loss of play